The HARP Deal 2.0, Can You Choose Your Own Lender?

The HARP Deal 2.0, Can You Choose Your Own Lender?  YES YOU CAN.  A common misconception regarding the HARP Deal 2.0 is that borrowers can only take advantage of the expanded refinance guidelines of the HARP Deal 2.0 if they refinance through their current servicing lender.  This is not true.

The DU Refi Plus program (Fannie Mae) and the LP Open Access program (Freddie Mac) may be offered by any lender selected by the borrower because DU and LP will automatically determine whether or not Fannie/Freddie are the owners of the loan.  This is regardless of the lender entering the casefile for the HARP deal 2.0Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac

In fact, many large servicing lenders are turning away people that are not already their existing clients!

However, someone looking for a loan modification instead of the HARP Deal would be better off contacting their servicing lender.

We are still closing eligible HARP 2.0 refinances in under 30 days and Mann Mortgage is a direct seller to Fannie Mae of the DU Refi Plus program.

California property owners interested in the HARP Deal 2.0, contact Kevin Kueneke with The Lending Company today by calling (760) 500-1919 or inquire online at:


About Kevin Kueneke

I am a Sr. Loan Officer with The Lending Company in San Diego, California. The HARP Deal is a very important part of the housing recovery, and I want to help you take advantage of this great program. View all posts by Kevin Kueneke

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